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Do you need a reliable and affordable commercial plumbing company in Tacoma or the surrounding area? Platinum Full Service Plumbing is proud of our track record of providing high quality commercial plumbing services with friendly service and free on-site estimates in and around Tacoma, WA.

Commercial plumbing repairs can be tricky and are typically much different than common residential plumbing repairs that can be repaired on your own in some cases. Don’t take the risk on causing further damage to your commercial property by trying to figure it out yourself. Instead, you need to hire a commercial plumbing expert who specializes in diagnosing the problems for your commercial property.

We realize that a faulty plumbing system can have a lasting impact on your company and can even cause dangerous injuries to your customers who visit your location. Don’t put your business at risk for lawsuits and costly repairs.

No matter how small or large your business is, our commercial plumbing company can provide you with superior plumbing services. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your commercial plumbing system, be sure to give us a call at (206) 475-0910 to diagnose the problems you’re facing and provide solutions to fix them.